Summer Hits, your estival price list

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20 Jun, 2021

The wind in your hair, the sea, the first sun on your skin.

Someone said: summer is not a season, it’s a state of mind.

A deep feeling that makes us live again that lightness feeling when your feet are deep in the sand, even when we are still in the chaos of our city and sea just looks like a mirage to us.

To make summer a tangible unboxing-proof emotion, we have selected some evocative colors.

Turquoise as the desire to abandon oneself to water which magnetically, wave after wave, recalls us.

Nude with its pearlescent reflection is an oyster, as precious as the content that will be placed in the box.

Nude pink makes us imagine the infinite shades of a sunset that is lost in infinity.

Lime and verdigris symbolize luxuriant nature that matures under the energy of a fiery sun.

Lilac reminds us of lavender, so aromatic and unmistakable; scent of Provence in the air.

The Summer Hits proposal is completed thanks to Tassotti papers: white and blue stripes are already a must have.

Suggestions and nuances that will make the moment even more magical: opening your Controversa you will experience a new world, the one of the product kept inside the box.

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