Our digital diary: here we tell you a little bit about our projects, our collaborations and a little backstage

Controversa: the reversible box by/for the Nature

Controversa meets: Progetto Quid

Controversa as a storytelling tool for infinite chances of renewal.

Controversa meets: La Mia Casa nel Vento

We digitally meet the Calabrian olfactory workshop of Maria C. Martino, botanical signature of olfactory synaesthesia.

Your Advent Controversa

Three different customization proposals: do you want to know more?

Controversa meets: Nicoletta Zamunaro

We couldn’t miss the chance to interview the founder of Controversa project.

Controversa meets: Tante Studio

TANTE CARE COSE: a thematic Controversa.

Summer Hits, your estival price list

The wind in your hair, the sea, the first sun on your skin.

Controversa meets: Elisa Mereatur at Pastiglie Leone

The historical company based in Turin was one of the first companies to believe in the Controversa project.

June 5th, World Environment Day

Controversa celebrates World Environment Day with you.

Controversa meets: LittlePinealice

Alice Pasinetti illustrated Controversa's first Christmas in 2020!

Travel with Controversa!

Controversa suitcase lends its changing and multifaceted identity to rethink the concept of travel.

Controversa meets: Alessia Rizzetto

For our format “Controversa’s Women" we meet today a very creative and passionate professional.

Our new Controversa sample box

April 2021: our business card features new items!

Controversa meets: Cera una Bolla

A lovely chat with Sara and Marika for our “Controversa’s Women’’ format.

Sowing the future with Controversa and Piccolo Seeds

A co-branding that starts from Controversa and meets Piccolo Seeds.

Eternal Bloom, let's get ready to bloom again

Dedicated to spring (but not only). New illustrations, new colors and accessories: discover the Eternal Bloom price list!

How do you turn the box around?

In these videos created by the brands that have chosen Controversa you will be able to see how our reversible box works.

A fairytale season

A special price list to find an exclusive look for shipments or gift packages, perhaps even ahead of Christmas.

Controversa meets: Pollaz

With her we created and launched our first project regarding Controversa in October 2020.

Controversa is the first reversible box from (and for) nature

By requesting our Controversa sample, you will participate in the construction of our forest on Treedom.

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