Sowing the future with Controversa and Piccolo Seeds

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21 Mar, 2021

A co-branding that starts from Controversa and meets Piccolo Seeds.

A famous proverb from Madagascar says: “No matter how big the baobab is, it always has a small seed as a parent”.

The idea that every action, every project, every gesture can have great consequences is the philosophy that inspired and guided us in the creation of Controversa, its deepest essence.
For this reason, in a rather challenging year, we have decided to give life to a new project whose name already says a lot: SOWING THE FUTURE WITH CONTROVERSA AND PICCOLO SEEDS.
A co-branding that starts from Controversa and meets Piccolo Seeds.
Our (small) help to protect the environment and biodiversity. Our way of building today, the future of tomorrow.

Piccolo was born in 2012 with the intention of offering a selection of seeds for urban gardens. Their vision immediately conquered us, in fact they offer vegetables and plants specially designed for pot growing: compact, dwarf varieties, suitable for terrace garden spaces.
In addition: for their (beautiful!) sachets they use only sustainable and recyclable materials.

The seeds we have selected together are a blooming hymn to spring, which we look forward to.

 controversa e piccolo seeds

- Peppermint: one of the most famous aromatic plants in the world that charms us with its unmistakable fresh and pungent aroma.
Perfect for first courses, second courses, desserts and even more for cocktails; it is the quintessence of the flavor and scent of mint.

- Lemon Basil: a legendary variety of American basil with an intense lemon flavor.
Its light green leaves can be used to give a citrus touch in the preparation of raw and cooked dishes.

- Wild Strawberry Baron von Solemacher: an ancient German variety that produces small and very sweet red fruits, highly recommended for desserts.
They are also very good natural, picked and eaten directly from the plant, for both young and old strawberry lovers.

The box will be on sale both Controversa and Piccolo Seeds website.

Those who buy Controversa, with a minimum order of € 59, the kit has a special price: € 5.90.
Those who buy Piccolo Seeds, with a minimum order of € 30, the kit has always this special price of € 5.90.

 piccolo seeds controversa

 piccolo seeds e controversa

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