Controversa meets: La Mia Casa nel Vento

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15 Jul, 2021

We digitally meet the Calabrian olfactory workshop of Maria C. Martino, botanical signature of olfactory synaesthesia.

Maria is 41 years old and lives at the extreme tip of Calabria, in a place known as the "Bergamot district” where she has founded La Mia Casa nel Vento.

Inspired by the botanical heritage of her territory, she uses precious natural materials such as bergamot and jasmine to which she combines scents and memories of places that have a connection to history and culture.

We talked about it, as she chose a Controversa reversible box for the launch of her brand new cosmetic line.

Hello Maria! We have known each other for a while now but we would like you to introduce yourself again: we would like to do it in Controversa mode! Thinking of a box that contains a kit that tells the story of yourself, what would we discover?

My box would be easy to find anywhere, because it gives off all the intoxicating scents of Southern gardens and the essences I work with every day. There would also be a notebook to write down the smells of places while I imagine new olfactory synaesthesia.
You will also find a jasmine flower to which I am very attached, and still other flowers, fruits and views for my secret gardens.

Which aspects of your job do you like the most?

The thing I love most is being able to enclose a scenario, a precise memory or an imaginary journey told by a perfume in a bottle. I love the emotional and sensorial side of my work that manages to arouse and the sense of amazement of those who, by sniffing deeply, have taken a journey in one breath.

Looking back, what has been a challenge in your career path?

The fact I’m connected to the territory has outlined my work in what we call a market niche. At first it seemed difficult at times to emerge in such a specific sector, but after a short time, the change, the awareness, the rediscovery of places and the global need for a more natural and sustainable lifestyle, has meant that this could be my strength point.

What were the particularly shiny moments?

All those where I have been able to hear the stories of those who come to me thanks to a perfume that has remained in my memories, and every time I feel the affection and support of those who embrace my vision, my projects and feel an integral part of them.

Why did you choose Controversa for your business?

When you buy my perfume or a cream from my Aromacosmetics line, you don't just buy a product, but a real olfactory and sensorial experience. Its application must bring well-being and make you smile, thus amplifying its cosmetic action. That's why I chose Controversa: same as perfumes, it is a real treatment that positively completes the shopping experience and arouses smiles. Last but not least, it is of fundamental importance, especially for those who work online, to look for the most sustainable and ecological way to manage shipments. And then Controversa can be reused… this is the best!

How did you use your Controversa boxes?

I have kept photographs and my collection of museum tickets. Notes and studies on perfumes waiting to be developed.

Controversa was born as a tool for different businesses and therefore also for yours: what would you desire for your professional future? Are there any other tools you feel the need for?

Sudden climate change, and lately the reaction to lockdowns, have led us to increasingly reconsider our relationship with nature. I imagine an increasing in the use of materials devoted to sustainability and in this perspective, who knows! Maybe one day a Controversa will be made with citrus waste for example. It would also be scented!

Who would you recommend Controversa to?

To anyone who wants to add personality to their brand/product, whether small or large, and has Made in Italy at heart, investing in tools that are increasingly compatible with the environment.

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