Controversa meets: Progetto Quid

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30 Jul, 2021

Controversa as a storytelling tool for infinite chances of renewal.

Progetto Quid has made the creative reuse of surplus precious fabrics just that extra something, their operational mantra.

For their new ReBlossom collection, a hymn to beauty that blossoms and blossoms despite everything, they have chosen Controversa as a tool to tell about these infinite possibilities of renewal.

A project that unites the work of many people who have been able to turn their history upside down, just like those who will use Controversa to write a new one will do.

We talked about it with the brand team.

Hello Progetto Quid team! We have known each other for a while now but we would like you to introduce yourself again: we would like to do it in Controversa mode! Thinking of a box that contains a kit that tells the story of yourself, what would we discover?

Hello! Let's see what could not be missing... certainly a clothespin, like the one you find in our logo, a simple object that combines different and complex aspects, which in our case are market values and social values. Then there would be many spools of multicolored thread: they symbolize our team who speak more than 17 different languages (even that of signs!) and have different origins and histories! A pencil, of course, to trace new paths and style ideas; a needle, to shorten distances and create strong bonds with our partners and supporters; and finally a rubber bread, to learn from mistakes, find a solution and start again.

Which aspects of your job do you like the most?

The feeling of doing our small part to improve the world a little bit, creating beauty, giving a new life to otherwise unused gorgeous fabrics and job opportunities to those who need it most.

Looking back, what has been a challenge in your career path?

Sustainability is finally becoming an increasingly considered topic, but it has not always been this way: when Quid was born, in 2013, we were able to make our idea of upcycling appreciated and appear as reliable partners despite our early experience and the fact that our founders were young age: this was undoubtedly complicated, but it is a challenge that we feel we have overcome.

What were the particularly shiny moments?

First of all those who appreciate us every day do confirm our daily commitment, and then national and international awards that have been conferred to us: the victory of the "Responsible Disruption Award" at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020 and the appointment of our president and founder, Anna Fiscale, as Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic were two moments of great happiness for all and all of us!

Why did you choose Controversa for your business?

We have always loved unexpected evolutions, new possibilities, renewed beauty: we are always looking for ideas in line with our original approach to sustainability and Controversa immediately seemed to us the ideal complement for our creations - good and beautiful inside and out!

How did you use create your Controversa boxes?

We have chosen to customize it with the iconic pattern of the collection: bees, a symbol of life and renewal, so necessary and yet increasingly in danger. This laborious microcosm that has become a playful pattern has covered a limited edition of Controversa sent to those who have purchased at least one item of our S/S 21 "Reblossom" collection online.

Controversa was born as a tool for different businesses and therefore also for yours: what would you desire for your professional future? Are there any other tools you feel the need for?

The public is increasingly attentive and rewards sustainable or reusable packaging, and this makes us happy; on our side, we must also always take into account the safety and adequate storage of the garment during shipment, which is why we would appreciate the arrival on the market of safer and more sustainable packaging solutions.

Who would you recommend Controversa to?

To those who love to stand out positively!

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