A fairytale season

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1 Dec, 2020

A special price list to find an exclusive look for shipments or gift packages, perhaps even ahead of Christmas.

For our first season we have created a selection of Controversa boxes designed for all those small-medium sized companies and final consumers who share a single desire: to find an exclusive attire for their shipments or gift packages, perhaps just in view of Christmas. For each box we have provided tissue paper, coordinated with the chosen graphic designs or the selected color for the internal part of the box, a brown bag optimized for shipping, and a postcard with assembly instructions.

Precisely because we very much want the box to be given a second life, we believe that the illustrations are the final, unexpected wow effect.
This season we decided to collaborate with Little Pine Alice, a freelance illustrator, who conquered us through a winter atmosphere that only she could recreate. The silent charm of winter, the impalpable romantic melancholy, bewitched us with the first stroke of watercolor. In addition to its graphic design, we have included a selection of mono colors, always in a palette, which reminded us of Christmas, but not blatantly.
This way you will have the perfect box, for the whole season, without wasting unnecessarily material.
The minimum order? Small, very small! Only 10 pieces. This is our way to support all businesses, whatever their size and their growth phase might be.

 little pine alice controversa

 controversa little pine alice

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