Controversa meets: Cera una Bolla

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10 Apr, 2021

A lovely chat with Sara and Marika for our “Controversa’s Women’’ format.

When we started to describe and to propose Controversa, we also began to know more closely some of the brands and companies that we have always found very fascinating. One of these is Cera una Bolla, Sara and Marika’s olfactory shop.

This magic duo has been able to seize immediately the communicative opportunity of our brand and thanks to Controversa they have created a collectible limited edition box, set in Stars Hollow (and we, as fans of Gilmore Girls, can’t be much happier!).

We found female team’s fil-rouge also in this beautiful brand: what better opportunity to talk about synergies as this offered by our new editorial format?


cera una bolla controversa


Hi Sara and Marika! We have known each other for a while now but we would like you to introduce yourself again: we would like to do it in Controversa mode! Thinking of a box that contains a kit that tells the story of yourself, what would we discover?

Pen and paper to write, a lot of music, Porto Ferro’s sea and sand, a flower of helichrysum and juniper wood. Then, if you move out of the box all of these things, under them you’ll find a corresponding dream still to be fullfilled.

Which aspects of your job do you like the most?

Honestly there are lot of them, but what drives us to go down that road is people’s positive feedback, not only as far as purchasing our products, but relating to the message we want to convey. Our community is incredibly charming, it travels with us through our craft, it’s enthusiastic, kind, able to generate a strength and a positivity that leads us to believe that hoping for a better world can be a concrete hope.

Looking back, what has been a challenge in your career path?

There isn’t a particular thing, challenges change every day based on the choices you make. We have learned through this project, but also through life in general, that the most beautiful paths to take are those that have the most difficulties. And we’re fine with that, because in this way if we reach the goal, we feel like we’ve deserved it, we’ve faced every fall, every climb, every hitch, and we’ve overcome them.

What were the particularly shiny moments?

Can I say it without sounding crazy? In the past three years, there has been nothing that isn’t bright. We are overwhelmed by whirlwinds of continuous emotions, we are totally absorbed by this profession, we are often tired, exhausted, stressed and vulnerable, but the counterweight to this, what comes back to us, is so beautiful, positive and bright that we could not do anything else.

Why did you choose Controversa for your business?

When Controversa contacted us to launch their product we were immediately impressed. It was the right "place" to put our “heart” project. Furthermore, there was an immediate awareness that we were starting a collaboration with a brand that was just born but already well structured, a company able to work seriously, in the best way, attentive to the details and the quality of its product. It was the perfect collaboration we’ve been waiting for a long time!

How did you reuse your Controversa?

Like a painting. It’s leaning on the bed-side table, and it’s as if it were a print in a frame. We love it so much.

Controversa was born as a tool for different businesses and therefore also for yours: what would you desire for your professional future? Are there any other tools you feel the need for?

As assiduous researchers as we are, we are always looking for a thousand things that always come to our minds and that we might need. Therefore, we can't give an answer on something in particular. However, I can tell you for sure, that if your Controversa team comes up with something new, do not hesitate to suggest it to us because I am certain that we would find a use for our brand for sure ;)

Who would you recommend Controversa to?

Firstly to us, to Cera una Bolla ;) jokes aside, I would definitely recommend you to Aspettaevedrai, a handmade jewelry brand that we love so much. I would definitely recommend you to Gaia Segattini Knotwear, the knitwear brand of Gaia Segattini; I think you would be fantastic together! There are companies with which we have been collaborating for a long time, such as Benazzoli Winery, Inkiostroandpaper. Or brands that we find really charming like Blackmilk team, Laboratorionido, Paperthink, Tullitullitullipan, Ta Petite.
I could go on for hours...

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