Travel with Controversa!

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25 Apr, 2021

Controversa suitcase lends its changing and multifaceted identity to rethink the concept of travel.

Travelling is a way to change. Changing your mind, way of thinking, feeling.

A real transformation that takes place, deep down, by coming into contact with places and people of different cultures.

A kaleidoscope of colours, flavours and scents that will stay with us forever. Even just in the memory.

Travelling is something that we couldn’t do in this past year, but definitely something we can plan and imagine, because maybe it will be exactly one of the first things we will do, as soon as we have the chance.

Controversa suitcase lends its changing and multifaceted identity to rethink the concept of travel.
A journey of imagination, a journey of introspection, a journey in the planning of a particularly important project.
Its shape, certainly evocative, lends itself not only to a new use, but to a real creative tribute.

travel with controversa 1

We imagine it filled with colored crayons and markers to draw a world more in harmony with nature.
We imagine it filled with memories of a lifetime, so that they are not lost, but handed down.
We imagine it filled with postcards, receipts, museum tickets of our last holidays.
We imagine it filled with all those tools we need to line up to accomplish something great.
We imagine it as a wealth of knowledge, emotions, feelings, insights.

And then we imagine ourselves like this: free, or rather, really free, grabbing this little suitcase with our hands.
Ready to go on a new experience, whatever it’s going to be.
Aware that the most beautiful part of the journey is the one in which we discover we have changed (grown or evolved) since our departure.
More receptive, more hopeful, more inspired, happier.

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