Controversa is the first reversible box from (and for) nature

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1 Jun, 2020

By requesting our Controversa sample, you will participate in the construction of our forest on Treedom.

A product designed and manufactured with respect for the environment, a specific commitment to protect our ecosystem, and a way to avoid waste and encourage the (very creative) way of re-use of secondary packaging.
In a period like the one we are going through, when mother earth needs us even more, we have decided to start again from nature and to give life to our reforestation project in partnership with Treedom.
Treedom is a B-Corporate engaged in tree planting online.

Their philosophy promotes the creation of sustainable ecosystems, allowing thousands of farmers to meet the initial costs of planting new trees, guaranteeing long-term food sovereignty as well as income opportunities over time. The planted tree species are native ones or selected species in respect of the biodiversity of the different territories to guarantee a sustainable use of all natural resources and its territory. Finally, all trees absorb CO2 during their growth naturally generating a benefit for the entire planet.
You too can take part in this environmental and social commitment. In fact, by requesting our sample Controversa box you will participate in the construction of our forest, which you’ll find here:
We have planted cocoa trees, because there might be anything sweeter, do you agree? Could there be anything more vital than a flowering tree?

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